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Bundle of Music Tracks. High Quality, full compositions , And looped versions. Best suited for sad, bad, lose scene.

This sound is collection of instrument track. Full compositions , part composition , and looped versions. The bundle includes 5 unique tracks, 37 loop tracks.

Best suited for sad, bad, lose scene in all packed games.
These sound are great to accentuate :
-lose in battle.
-death in battle.
-friend death.
-family death.
-bad remember.
-fail screen.
-broken heard.
-rest in peace.
-failing in love.
-go to past.
-alone screen.
-finding a secret bad room.

Sample rate: 44.1 kHz
Bit depth: 16 bit
Loopable: Yes
Additional: Stereo

#gamemusic #lose #sad #horror #bad #alone #graveyard

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with Sadness Music Pack

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